Where To Party In Koh Samui

Koh Samui has more to offer than it’s lush landscapes, stunning beaches and amazing weather, it also has an outstanding nightlife scene so if your wondering where to party in Koh Samui there’s no shortage of answers.

Where To Party In Koh Samui – Chaweng

Lets start with the most popular town for nightlife in Koh Samui which is Chaweng. Chaweng is the hub of nightlife on the island and is definitely the place to go if your wondering where to party in Koh Samui. Chaweng Beach Road is where all the action takes place. It’s around 2-3km in total but there’s a 300-400m stretch located around Soi Green Mango which is the part that is littered with all the main bars and nightclubs. All the best venues such as Green Mango club and Ark bar are located within walking distance of eachother and around thee two clubs mentioned is where the vast majority of Chawengs most popular bars are.

If you get a taxi or a songthaew to Soi Green Mango at the start of your night, you will most likely not leave this area as this is where the best nightife of Koh Samui is at. Green mango is a large open spaced venue with dance floors that start to fill up at around 10-11pm and it stays open until around 2am (sometimes later in high season).

Right next to The Green Mango is Henry Africas which is more of a beer bar then a club but it has a large set up and is always full making it a great place to have a drink and meet people. More or less opposite Henry Africas is Hush bar which is a lively nightclub that plays mostly rap and R&B music which also fills up – mainly with the younger crowd.

Then If you follow Soi Green Mango around you will pass a few smaller girly bars where you can have a game of pool and a drink, but if you keep going you will come to Blacks Nightclub (adjacent to the small car park). Blacks nightclub or The Black Bamboo Club is another very lively nightclub that fills up with people from all walks of life and the party doesn’t stop until about 2-3am.

Then if you fancy partying on the beach you have the famous ARK bar which is just off beach road so it’s actually on the beach. I’m sure you’ve probably already heard of the ARK Bar Beach Club if you’ve spent some time on Samui. It’s a great place to party with it’s regular fire shows and loud ambient music that plays while people dance and have a good time.

We don’t need to go into to much detail because as explained above, most of the action takes place on Chaweng Beach Road and once you get there I’m sure you and your friends will figure out where the best places to party are.

Other Towns in Koh Samui For Partying

Lamai would be the next best option after Chaweng, however it is more laid back so if you are looking for loud nightclubs and dancing venues then Chaweng is the place to go. Lamai’s set up is similar in the sense that it all takes place on one main drag (Had Lamai). There is a cluster of bars in the center that surround a boxing ring where they display regular Muay Thai fights. Then if you keep going on the same road you will pass many cocktail bars and beer bars with ladies and pool tables. You can still have a great night out in Lamai but in the terms of true partying, Chaweng is where it’s at.

As for other towns in Koh Samui you have Maenam, Bophut, Bang Rak, Taling Ngam and Lipa Noi. None of these towns have a nightlife scene the way Chaweng and Lamai do. You have Fishermans village in Bophut that has a few bars and the well known beach club – Coco Tams but they aren’t exactly places that you would go to party. Although having said that, once you have let loose in Chaeng and Lamai, they are still worth checking out as after all it is Thailand and you might just find somewhere that you fall in love with

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