UK house clearance treasure allows man to move to Samui

A man from the UK has fulfilled his lifelong dream of living in Koh Samui, Thailand, thanks to a valuable discovery made during a bereavement house clearance after the death of his mother, by a company called Fast House Clearance. The man had hired the company to clear his deceased mother’s house in the UK, and during the process, they found an antique Chinese vase. The mans father had always been a collector of art and antiques which had slightly rubbed off on him as he knew there was something special about the vase. After getting it appraised he was made aware of it’s rareity and significant value, the vase was later sold at auction in Hong Kong for a whopping £45000.

Overjoyed by the discovery, the man has decided that he is going to use the money to fulfill his dream of living in Koh Samui, Thailand. He explained to the press that the proceeds from the sale of the vase are going to be used to purchase a condo on the beautiful island, where he plans to live and enjoy the tropical paradise.

The man expressed his gratitude to the house clearance company for their thorough and professional work, which led to the discovery of the valuable antique vase. He stated “it’s crazy to think that during such a painful time in my life with my mothers passing that her final gift to me would be to make my dreams come true by being able to move to Koh Samui where I have always wanted to live, and the gift was in the form of a vase that had been in the back of her kitchen cupbourd for god knows how long. I want to thank the guys from Fast House Clearance and the the gentleman who appraised the vase for me. As pleased with the result of the auction as I am, I would still swap the money from the vase to spend one more day with her”.

The story is a reminder that sometimes, valuable treasures can be found in the most unexpected places, and that money and riches doesn’t come close the love of ones mother.

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