Thongson Bay – Malati Beach

Thongson Bay is situated on the picturesque Cape Plai Laem, near the northernmost point of of Koh Samui. This idyllic bay is surrounded by lush vegetation and is known for its stunning sandy beach, which stretches for approximately half a kilometer along the coast. At its eastern end, the beach gives way to a rocky outcropping that juts out into the sea, providing a stark contrast to the soft, white sand.

If you’re looking to visit Thongson Bay, you can find it easily by following the signs directing you to Thongsonbay Bungalows. The road to the beach is winding and takes you past the walls of the luxurious spa-hotel “Melati.” The pavement soon gives way to sand and the journey continues through a lush grove of coconut palm trees, offering a glimpse into the tropical beauty of the island.

As you approach Thongson Bay, you’ll notice that it is located just a short distance away from Samrong Bay. This neighboring bay is separated from Thongson by a high hill with a rocky foot, providing a natural barrier between the two stunning stretches of coastline.

Thongson Bay has a unique combination of greyish fine sand and small pebbles with a sprinkle of seashell dust. The beach is not very wide and its width decreases even further during high tide. On either end of the beach, the shore and ocean floor are rocky, which makes it challenging to access these areas. However, it’s important to be careful when entering the water, as there are some areas that contain sharp coral, posing a potential hazard to beachgoers.

The water in Thongson Bay is shallow, but it is also cloudy, which limits visibility and makes it less appealing for swimming and observing marine life. Despite this, the beach is still a popular spot for kayaking, as the shallow and murky water provides a different kind of experience for kayaking.

Thongson beach is a serene and tranquil location, but if you’re looking for a wider range of entertainment, sights, souvenirs, and dining options, you will have to venture to other beaches. The nearest options in the western direction include Big Buddha beach, which is about 4 kilometers away, and Bophut beach, which is about 7 kilometers away. If you head southward, you’ll find Choeng Mon beach, which is only 2 kilometers away, and Chaweng beach, which is 8 kilometers away. These beaches offer a diverse range of dining options, souvenirs, and entertainment options to suit your needs.

Thongson beach is conveniently located for travelers who arrive in Koh Samui by plane. The beach is only a 20-minute taxi ride away from the airport, making it an accessible option for travelers who are looking for a peaceful retreat.

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