Punch It Gym – Lamai Muay Thai

Punch it Muay Thai Gym was established on July 1, 2017. The gym is owned by Markus Muster. Markus has a wealth of experience in martial arts, he has been dedicated to the practice since 1999, and has expertise in a diverse range of martial arts including kickboxing, boxing, karate and of course Muay Thai.

Marcus is a friendly guy and very passionate about his gym – Punch It Muay Thai Gym and his fighters. His passion for Muay Thai along with his experience in the sport makes him extremely well qualified.

The gym has two large boxing rings, several bags, weights and all the other facilities you’d expect a Muay Thai gym to have. It is an open air gym and is very clean and well organzied making it a nice place to train. As far as the training goes it is second to none which is why Punch It is such a popular gym on the Island of Koh Samui. They have an impressive team of trainers who you can see if you head over to their website (see below).

They also have a healthy cafe that is on site whichs serves delicious organic meals, juices and smoothies, fruit bowls and more – perfect for after or pre-training nourishment. I particularly like the organic Massaman curry followed by one of their fruit and muesli yoghurt bowls as a dessert. The cafe is definitely worth visiting even if you don’t do Muay Thai!

Punch It Muay Thai Gym also offers a range of accomodation situated around their camp, some on-site and some just minutes walk away from the gym.

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