Lamai Muay Thai Gym – Koh Samui

Lamai Muay Thai Camp, supported by the World MuayThai Council, is a traditional training facility located on Koh Samui. With full English management and world champion Thai trainers and fighters, the camp offers top-notch training for beginners, advanced, and professional fighters. The camp has been the training ground for many accomplished fighters from Muay Thai and K1, including many champions, and enthusiasts from around the world.

The camp’s instruction and regime is tailored to meet the needs of all individuals, and features onsite facilities such as a healthy western cafe, strength and conditioning classes, and a fully-stocked Fairtex and Mtg official shop. Known as a top-class training facility, many people come to stay and train for extended periods, enjoying the balance between intense training and the beautiful white beaches and nightlife of Lamai. Ultimately, the main draw of the Lamai Muay Thai Camp is the training it offers, which is renowned worldwide in the Muay Thai community.

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