How To Get To Koh Samui

Koh Samui, a tropical paradise situated in the Gulf of Thailand, is a highly coveted travel destination renowned for its breathtaking beaches, dynamic nightlife, rich cultural heritage and famous attractions. Visitors from around the globe converge to bask in the sun, lounge in serenity and indulge in an array of recreational activities. This idyllic island can be accessed through various modes of transportation including flying direct from Phuket or Bangkok, or you can get the ferry from Don Sak Ferry Terminal in Surat Thani.

How To Get To Koh Samui: Cheapest Most Popular Way

For those who don’t like flying or would prefer to hit the road for an adventure and see more of the real Thailand on the way, then the ferry would be the best option. The journey from Bangkok to Koh Samui is approximately 720 kilometers and takes roughly 10hrs 40 minutes by bus.

Or if you are coming from Phuket the journey by land is around 4 hours and it’s much cheaper than flying.

You don’t have to do the full journey in one sitting, if you have the time you can easly stop off at one of the many other cities on the way, do some exploring then set off the next day.

Ferries to Koh Samui depart hourly from the mainland’s Don sak pier located in Surat Thani province and the ferry ride takes about 1hr 40 to 3 hours depending on which ferry you get. Upon arrival, visitors can take a taxi or shuttle bus to their resort or hotel. The ferry terminal is situated in the north western part of the island, in the town of Nathon, and is well connected to the prime tourist destinations of Chaweng, Lamai, and Bophut.

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How To Get To Koh Samui: Fastest Way

The quickest way of how to get to Koh Samui for those who don’t like long journeys is by air. The Koh Samui International Airport (USM) has a network of direct flights connecting the island to Bangkok and Phuket. The flight time from BKK and Phuket is less than an hour, providing travelers with a fast journey to this tropical paradise. Upon landing, visitors have the option of taking a taxi or a shuttle bus to their resort or hotel. Taxis are readily available outside the airport terminal and the ride to the prime tourist destinations such as Chaweng, Lamai and Bophut takes roughly 20-30 minutes. Shuttle buses are a slower but cheaper alternative that make several stops at various resorts and hotels along the way.

So You Have Arrived

Once in Koh Samui, visitors are met with an idyllic island that is easy to navigate, even for those who do not speak Thai. Most of the locals are conversant in English and the main tourist areas are home to a plethora of restaurants, shops and bars.

Koh Samui’s nightlife is diverse and offers a range of bars and clubs to choose from. Whether one is looking to party until the early hours of the morning or relax with a drink and enjoy live music, the island caters to all tastes. In addition to its lively nightlife, Koh Samui is steeped in cultural heritage, with several temples and shrines that are worth exploring. Visitors can peruse local markets, visit the famous Big Buddha Temple or simply lounge on one of the island’s many beaches and soak up the sun.

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