German Tourist Drowns At Chaweng Beach

Regrettably, there has been another incident of drowning at the popular holiday destination of Koh Samui in Thailand.

On Monday the 6th of March, a 58-year-old German man lost his life at Chaweng Beach, as reported by the Bo Phut Police. The individual had entered the water with his girlfriend, and upon the his partners return to shore, she was unable to locate the him.

Subsequently, the lifeless body of the victim was discovered by a jet ski operator, who promptly alerted the authorities. Upon receiving notification, law enforcement personnel and emergency responders promptly arrived at the beach. Despite their best efforts to revive him, it was determined that the had had succumbed to the incident and had been deceased for some time.

Our wishes go out to the man and his family who shall remain un-named to prevent further heartache to those who were close to him

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