Choeng Mon Beach Koh Samui

Choeng Mon Beach is a serene and perfect location for families looking for a relaxing holiday experience. Located in the bay of the same name, it is situated north of the more well-known Chaweng Noi Beach on Koh Samui.

The sea at Choeng Mon is tranquil and offers a comfortable slope into the water, making it safe and easy for kids to play by the shore and for adults to enjoy a swim. However, during low tides, the water retreats, and visitors can opt to sunbathe or swim in the swimming pools of nearby hotels.

The beach spans approximately 2 kilometers and offers a variety of landscapes. The northern half of the beach features a wide strip of white, fine sand that is perfect for lounging and soaking up the sun. On the other hand, the southern half of the beach is dotted with small, rocky bays that offer breathtaking views and a romantic atmosphere, but are not ideal for swimming. There is even a tiny, deserted island called Koh Farn Noi, which can be reached on foot within a few minutes during high tide, offering an additional opportunity for exploration and adventure.

The center of Choeng Mon Beach is considered the best location for swimming, offering visitors a stretch of several hundred meters of wide, fine, and light sand. The sand is not as hot or rough as coarse sand or pebbles, making walking on it a delightful experience. The water closest to the shore is transparent, but not as crystal clear as other beaches like Chaweng Noi Beach. This may disappoint those who enjoy diving with masks or goggles as visibility may not be optimal.

The sea bed in the center of Choeng Mon is composed of the same fine sand as the beach, but as you move farther away from shore (approximately 20-30 meters), there are areas with muddy bottoms that can result in some suspended matter in the water. There may be some stones and coral chips near the shore, with more present near the edges of the main beach.

Unfortunately, the southern part of Choeng Mon Beach is not recommended for swimming. This area is marked by numerous stones, dead corals, a shallow bottom, and silt. During low tide, the stony bottom becomes visible and makes it even less suitable for swimming.

Choeng Mon is a paradise of peace and leisure, surrounded by lush greenery and hotels along the entire coastline. Some hotels are designed in traditional Thai style, adding to the picturesque view with their red, pointed roofs. The beach is surrounded not only by palm trees, like many beaches on Koh Samui, but also by a variety of tropical trees and shrubs.

On the coast, you can spend a whole day without any worries, with beach cafes and restaurants, sun loungers, umbrellas, and Thai massages available.

If you’re looking for more activities, Choeng Mon Beach offers plenty of options for water sports, including water skiing, jet skiing, kayaking, scuba diving with an instructor, banana boat riding, and sailing lessons. Rentals start at 200 bahts/hour for kayaks and 700 bahts/30 min. for jet ski boats.

In conclusion, Choeng Mon Beach offers the best of both worlds, providing a peaceful and idyllic atmosphere for families, and a diverse and charming landscape for visitors to enjoy.

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