Chaweng Beach – Most Popular On Samui

The northern part of the beach, situated opposite from the small satellite island – Koh Matlang, has a winding coastline, the sand here is very soft and white, and the shallows may sometimes stretch quite far out, even as much as a few kilometers. These shallows are picturesque and ideal for strolls along the beach and sunbathing or just to get a quick snap with the sea behind you. However, there are large areas filled with seaweed and sharp pieces of coral that you have to navigate around especially if barefooted.

After the shallows you will come across coral gardens which encircle the bay of northern Chaweng beach – and these contain patches of clean sandy bed where you can snoop under the water while wearing goggles and you will spot an array of small fish in a wide range of colours. The sea deepens significantly beyond the corals, becoming azure and still in its clarity when undisturbed. Closer to the central part of the beach lies a stony ridge stretching along the coast – this area is very shallow with silt and seaweed populating the sea bed making it unfit for swimming.

The central part of Chaweng beach is not as pleasant for swimming if your at the northern end (of the center) as to being at the southern end of the center. A long stony ridge extends this way and the sand is often littered with silt and seaweed, making the depth from the shore quite shallow. However, heading further south along the coast reveals much clearer and deeper waters, capped with rainbow hues and beautiful white sands. With each step further down the beach, the depth grows quite rapidly as you get further – if you keep walking long enough then you will find yourself at a part of the beach where it’s deep enough for a proper swim. Here the sand is light and nice to walk on.

Even though Chaweng is a place known for it’s lively nightlife and party culture for the youth, does not mean that you can’t have a quiet romantic dinner or a drink to yourself in one of the beach side bars or restaurants while watching the beatiful berry sunsets. If your in the northern part especially, the abundance of loud noises and music from the raging nightlife won’t even reach you. The shore is covered in small bars and beach side restaurants that light up on a nightime and offer all types of delicious food.

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