Bangrak Beach Koh Samui

Big Buddha Beach Or Bang Rak Beach is a picturesque bay located on the eastern coast of Koh Samui, Thailand. The bay spans over 4 km in length, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding area. To the west, the bay ends with a beautiful cape called Laem Mai Kaen that is covered in dense groves of coconut palms.

To the east, there is a tiny island named Ko Fan, which is home to the iconic Big Buddha statue. This statue is one of the most famous landmarks in Koh Samui and draws thousands of visitors each year.

Big Buddha beach may not be the most suitable option for swimming due to its cloudy water conditions. However, the central section of the beach offers a different experience for those looking to take a dip. In this area, the water is clearer and has a proper depth, making it easier to enter the water.

Additionally, the central part of the beach is home to the piers for speedboats and catamarans. This central section of the beach is also popular among the local kids and employees of the water sports centers which are located along the coast of Bang Rak.

The Big Buddha beach has a wide strip of sand that extends from 5-10 meters from the water’s edge. This beach offers a diverse range of sandy terrain, with the sand on the eastern side of the beach being finer and grayish-white, while the sand on the western side is coarser and has a reddish hue. Additionally, both the eastern and western ends of the beach have a seabed that is heavily covered with stones.

By the eastern edge, there is a small fish market. The market is a lively place where visitors can experience the local culture and sample fresh seafood. The fish market is a great place to buy ingredients for a beach barbecue or to simply observe the hustle and bustle of daily life on the island.

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